Pre-Screening Guidelines


Familiarise yourself with these guidelines before your health screening:

1 Bring any past medical reports, scans results and medication.
2 Fasting is required for tests like the abdomen ultrasound and blood tests. Abstain from food and drinks for at least 10 hours before your appointment. Drinking plain water is allowed during fasting period.
3 Our doctors are happy to provide a detailed explanation of your screening results and health advice on a review appointment, alternatively we can mail your report to you for follow-up with your own family physician.
  • Bring your identification documents for registration (ie. NRIC, passport, company’s letter or staff pass)
  • You may stop your diabetes medications on the day of your health screen. However, if you have Type 1 diabetes mellitus and are on insulin injections, please first consult your doctor.
  • Regular medications for your heart and high blood pressure are allowed, except for Beta Blockers. If you are taking Beta Blocker, consult your doctor and stop this drug for 1-2 days.
  • Bring your spectacles for vision tests. Don’t put on contact lenses when you come for your appointment
  • Wear a two-piece outfit
  • Bring sports attire for the cardiac treadmill stress ECG test. We provide sports shoes and socks on request
  • You can collect a specimen kit for your urine and stool tests at any screening centre before your appointment. You can also collect the sample kit during your screening appointment
  • For ladies, the urine, stool and Pap smear tests should be done at least 5 days before or 5 days after your period
  • Be punctual for your appointment

Guidelines for Urine and Stool Collection

List of Pre-Screening Guidelines

  • Urine (collection on same day of health screening)

  • Stool (collect the night before or on the day of screening)