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7 common chronic conditions

7 Common Chronic Diseases You Need to Get Screened for

Dr Edwin Chng tells us about 7 common chronic conditions and how to avoid them with regular screening.

Basic vs comprehensive health screening

Basic versus Comprehensive Health Screening – What is the Difference?

Health screening has its benefits and is recommended for everyone, but which health screening is for you and how do you decide?

Best health screening for you?

What Kind of Screening is Best for You?

Height, weight, blood pressure… with so many tests available, how do you know which health screening package is best for you?

6 health screening myths debunked

6 Common Health Screening Myths Debunked

Different ideas and opinions about health screening abound – but what's true and what isn't?

Healthy sleep habits and hygiene

Ask Our Doctor: Healthy Sleep Habits and Good Sleep Hygiene

Dr Joshua Ong talks about the importance of getting better quality sleep and how to get it.

Fight diabetes and win

How to Fight Diabetes and Win

Simple lifestyle changes can help you prevent diabetes. Are you taking steps to keep diabetes at bay?

How to fight off the flu

How to Fight Off the Flu

Influenza is a common illness that can lead to serious complications. Fortunately, influenza is preventable by vaccination.

Keeping the flu away

Ask Our Doctor: How to Keep the Flu Away

Dr Wu Hang explains the importance of flu shots and why you will need one.