Enhancing Employee & Member Experience

Employees and insurance members can efficiently manage their benefits on our mobile apps and online portals. Our digital solutions allow seamless end-to-end access to our services anytime, anywhere. These online platforms also allow employees to facilitate their processing of claims and self-manage their medical benefit schemes and balances.

Parkway Health Concierge


Manages over 2 million corporate and medical enquiries a year. Just a call or an email away, the Parkway Healthcare Concierge is a 24/7 Call Centre that gives access to qualified doctors and medical personnel.

HR Online Portal


Provides HR access to online management reports and allows the management of employee records, utilisation records and benefit schemes.

Employee Portal


Employees can access their individual online Health Wallet to view and monitor their transaction history and personal healthcare expenditure at panel clinics. They can also view their healthcare benefit schemes and conveniently submit claims online.

MyHealth Wallet App


Employees can access flex enrolment and e-claim submission functions in their personal Health Wallet within the employee portal website. They can also conveniently check their Health Wallet on-the-go with the MyHealth Wallet App for mobile devices.

MyHealth Pulse App


Generates personalised health reports with evidence-based Health Risk Assessment surveys which helps to identify health risks and targeted intervention for improved outcomes.

Parkway eCard


Employees can show their eCard instead of the physical card for greater convenience and easy identification at our clinics.

  • Compatible for iPhone and Android
  • Convenience & Hassle free for members
  • Easy identification of members at clinic
  • Prompt card issuance/replacement
  • Downloadable free for all members

Parkway Shenton eClinic Locator

e-clinic-locator (1)

Allows members to easily locate nearby clinics on their mobile devices. Includes a full directory of GP panel clinics, search function and directional guides for journey planning.

  • iPhone and Android Mobile App
  • Search function
  • Listing of all facilities
  • Location of nearest clinic
  • Direction guide to clinic