Employee Health Services

Your End-to-End Healthcare Solution

As a one-stop healthcare provider with fully integrated medical services, we provide a top-notch patient experience with professional management and world class care at optimised cost levels. Whether your employees are looking for preventive care or medical treatment, we offer comprehensive healthcare services with our wide network and collaborations with facilities and partners, which include restructured hospital specialists and polyclinics.

From pre-employment examinations to post-employment medical care, we take care of your employees’ health journey with us from start to finish.

1 1-stop healthcare provider with fully integrated medical services, professional management and world-class care at optimised cost levels
2 Comprehensive healthcare services with our wide network and collaborations with facilities and partners
3 We take care of your employees from pre-employment checks to post-employment care

Employee health services
Enhancing employee member experience

Enhancing Employee & Member Experience

Employees and insurance members can efficiently manage their benefits on our mobile apps and online portals. Our digital solutions allow seamless end-to-end access to our TPA services anytime anywhere.

MyHealth Wellness360 programme

MyHealth Wellness360 Programme

A healthy workforce will significantly reduce corporate medical costs and increase employee productivity. In our MyHealth Wellness360 programme, we provide health screening assessments and intervention programmes that encourage employees to take ownership of their health and wellness. This also targets high-risk employees in selected profiles and allows early detection of disease.

Friends of Parkway

Friends of Parkway

Friends of Parkway (FOP) is a programme that offers corporate rates on consultation fees, TeleConsults, vaccination and health screening packages to dependents of employees. We offer comprehensive services at Shenton Medical Group clinics island-wide to employees and their dependents at corporate rates.

Third party benefits and flex administration

iXchange - Third Party Healthcare Benefit Administrator 

Managing corporate medical benefits can be challenging without a partner who understands the intricacies of the healthcare industry. As a third party administrator, we tightly manage the processes across benefit enrolment, claim submission, enquiries and more.